Driving Customer Acquisition on Facebook


A weight-loss clinic was using Facebook ads for new patient acquisition, but found Facebook ad costs to be too high, engagement too low, and conversion rates to be too low. Facebook enables targeting by geographic area and basic demographics, but does not have the ability to target by income or propensity for personal health care spending.

Analytic Objectives

The clinic wanted Manifold to provide hyper-specific targeting to reduce ad spending on uninterested prospects, raise engagement, and most importantly increase conversion rates from Facebook advertising.

Manifold’s Approach

Using our data products, targeting algorithms, and spatial analysis, we identified key neighbourhoods, specific postal codes with the highest spending on weight loss products and annual incomes greater than $150,000. Selected postal codes were then uploaded onto Facebook for targeted prospecting.

Manifold’s Data Products Used in Analysis

The following variables in Manifold’s data products played a significant role in acquiring new patients

  • Household spending
  • Demographics
  • Spatial data

Manifold’s targeting algorithms also played a significant role in acquiring new patients.

Benefits of Using Manifold’s Data and Services

The weight-loss clinic saw a 306% increase in Facebook users clicking through to their website and a 140% increase in calls booked with the clinic from those Facebook users, leading to a 244% increase in revenue.