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polaris intelligence

An online reporting and analytics platform for customer profiling, trade area analysis, targeting, mapping, and data mining.



Our consulting is tailored to your needs, we provide custom data, analytics, and mapping for each project.


data products

Our consumer data and lifestyle segments are the perfect resources to get to know your valued customers.

We help clients transform data into actionable insights. This process typically starts with helping clients understand their own data, continues with leveraging our comprehensive consumer datasets, and leads to applying our firm’s two decades of experience in analytics, consulting, and research for over 1,000 businesses. Our vast experience and cutting-edge Big Data and AI research means we can tailor our approach to fit your specific needs.

You can select our data to enhance your customer information or predictive models, let us customize a data mining solution, or use our easy to use online analytic apps to derive customer and market intelligence with a few clicks.

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