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We pride ourselves on our ability to craft tailored data products that precisely align with the unique needs and objectives of our clients. With our expertise, we trail-blazed a proven track record of creating custom data products that empower our clients to make data-driven decisions with precision and confidence. Our dedicated team collaborates closely with clients, leveraging their domain knowledge and our technical prowess, to design and develop data products that deliver highly impactful, real-world results. Whether it is custom scores for crime anticipation, community vaccine readiness, or mobile location traffic, we specialize in turning data into actionable insights that drive innovation and success for businesses across diverse industries.

Examples of Custom Products

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Custom products that we have created for our clients include:

Neighbourhood/Liveability Scores 

This data product is designed to suit machine learning and AI algorithms for high predictive power. Neighbourhood Scores include over 50 key metrics about residential 6-digit postal codes across Canada. The metrics include geographic location, presence of business, socio-economic standard, culture, amenity, access to transit and healthcare, crime, and climate. This data set enables companies and organizations to tap into the versatile insight of neighbourhoods in order to grow their business and mitigate risks more effectively.
Neighbourhood Scoring Large
Crime Index


Crime Risk Scores 

Crime scores are key measurements about safety and risk of a neighbourhood. For this data product, we collected publications of crime statistics from hundreds of municipalities, and standardized the complicated and diverse crime codes into three major categories: violent, property and other. Thereafter, we created a relative score for each category.

Home Rebuild Score  

The rapid increase of home/land price and limitation on expansion of land use in major cities across Canada has been resulting in a surge of home rebuilding and renovation activities. To quantify these activities, we created Home Rebuild and Renovation scores for 6-digit postal codes based on their past rebuilt activities and future potentials. This data product has been used by major home improvement retailers, financial institutions and global consulting firms.
Canadian Housing Transactions

COVID Risk Score +


Vaccine Hesitancy Score

Our COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy score predicts which areas (down to the residential postal code) are most likely to hesitate getting the COVID-19 vaccination based on the key demographic traits of those that are unlikely to vaccinate. Key demographics include age group, immigrant status, geography, presence of children, and other key defining features. To get a highly predictive model, we leverage results from current COVID-19 surveys as well as available historical data on vaccine hesitancy for flu shots.


Mobile Location Data

Where are consumers, customers, or potential customers coming from? Combined with our modelled data, you can understand the spending patterns, product consumption patterns, demographics, and other defining consumer behaviours of those who visit stores, business locations, or those who pass by Out of Home (OOH) ads.

Mobile Location Data v2
Weather Data


Weather Data  

This product includes historical, current, and forecast weather data. Media companies and retailers use this information to understand the relationship between their ad performance, sales, and the weather.