Recruiting Donors


Centraide of Greater Montreal helps people in need or in difficulty by conducting annual fundraising campaigns and financing a network of community agencies and projects. They have many regular donors but lose a meaningful amount each year and do not have significant resources to search for prospective donors.

Analytic Objectives

The objective was to find the defining features of Centraide’s regular donors, then use those features to identify the best prospects from rented mailing lists.

Manifold’s Approach

We found the defining features of Centraide’s regular donors using our postal code-level data. We then identified the top prospects who were most similar to Centraide’s donor profile and suggested targeting the top 3 deciles.

Manifold’s Data Products Used in Prospect Analysis

The following variables in Manifold’s data products played a significant role in analyzing top prospects:

  • Demographics
  • Household Spending Patterns
  • Lifestyle Clusters (CanaCode).

Benefits of Using Manifold’s Data

Centraide mailed the same solicitation letter to more than 100,000 addresses in total and found the response rate of the top 3 deciles was 22.5% greater than that of the control group, and the response rate of the bottom 7 deciles was 17.5% lower than that of the control group.