Targeting Customers for Walk-in Bathtubs


American Standard manufactures bathroom and kitchen products. They were particularly interested in promoting walk-in bathtubs and traditionally focused their marketing on urban areas.

Analytic Objectives

The objective was to identify the best 6-digit postal codes for promoting walk-in bathtubs, focusing on Ontario and British Columbia.

Manifold’s Approach

We created indices for population age, income, dwelling, spending, the likelihood of remodeling bathrooms, hours spent on senior care, and size of communities. Next, we combined the indices to create a weighted propensity score to measure the similarity of consumers in a 6-digit postal code to the target criteria.

Manifold’s Data Products Used in Customer Targeting

The following variables in Manifold’s data products played a significant role in the client’s risk models:

  • Demographics
  • Dwelling type
  • Hours spent on senior care
  • Likelihood of remodeling bathrooms
  • Income levels
  • Size of communities
  • Consumer lifestyle clusters (CanaCode)

Benefits of Manifold’s Data

Manifold uncovered a list of high potential neighborhoods in tertiary and some secondary markets in British Columbia and Ontario for American Standard to focus their marketing on. See below for a sample map.

american standard image