Take Your Kids to Work Day


We had a few grade nine students in today, as part of Take Your Kids to Work Day. We showed them a few case studies for Trade Area Analysis, Customer Profiling, gave them a demo of Polaris Intelligence, and we put them straight to work. They reviewed some of our latest Vividata reports, and examined income and media usage statistics around some malls in Sarnia. Here’s what they had to say about their experience:

“Polaris Intelligence is a subscription based website that provides data, market insight, and customizes data for clients. Polaris is a fast and easy website to use, where you can easily access points of interest in different neighbourhoods and research what kinds of people live in different trade areas. Using postal codes, you can discover over 15,000 pieces of information and you can compare the data in one area with other trade areas.

I had looked at the Polaris Intelligence website before, but I never thought of the many possible uses people and companies could have for its data. Who would have thought there would be so much information about literally anything, put together on one, easy to use website! After seeing the complicated coding and “behind the scenes” work, I had no idea using the website would be so simple, yet so enlightening and informative.”

“The Polaris team is made up of a group of professional, kind, dedicated and hard working people that strive to continuously improve their website. Their workplace is a very friendly and welcoming environment, and everyone works collaboratively, and is encouraging towards each other. We are all inspired by how they run and manage their office, and aspire to be like them someday.”

“Our experiences at Polaris were awesome, and we are all even thinking of data mining as a future, potential career! Everyone took time and explained their responsibilities with great detail. They even showed a demo on how their website is used, from a customer’s perspective. For instance, we were shown how to compare different sets of data, and were taught why one might use the site. This job was way cooler than we thought it would be, and we hope to return again one day.”