Where To Look For Hallmark-Style Romance


As the holiday season approaches, many of you may find yourself absorbed in Hallmark Christmas movies, often featuring a storyline of rekindled romance in a quaint small town. This year, we’re applying geo-demographic data to re-imagine these storylines and in the spirit of giving, help those movie-lovers looking to create their Hallmark-style romance.

For this exercise, we analyzed Census Agglomerations (CAs) and Census Metropolitan Areas (CMAs) across Canada, considering the male-to-female ratio and the percentage of singles aged 20-39 using Polaris Intelligence and our SuperDemographics dataset. There are countless ways to look at this data and create a top 5 list, we think the most intuitive way is to create an index on the likelihood of finding singles as compared to the rest of the population.




Given these top areas, knowing where not to look is also useful. Among the 146 CMA’s analyzed, Truro NS and Salaberry-De-Valleyfield QC both present a 92% chance of not finding singles in the target age group.




For a classic Hallmark movie setting, winter weather is essential. Cities like Squamish BC and Halifax NS offer picturesque snowy scenes and have a higher percentage of singles, encouraging the chances of finding love in these winter wonderlands.

Wishing you all a very happy holiday from the Manifold Data Mining Team!