Manifold’s Data Is Now Available On Snowflake Marketplace

We are excited to announce that Manifold Data Mining is now available on Snowflake! Clients and prospects now have immediate trial access to our most popular data solutions. This effort aims to provide data teams with exactly what they require: simple and direct access to premium consumer data without the need for sophisticated integration processes.

Empowering Teams, Accelerating Innovation 

Manifold Data Mining’s aim has always been to enable data scientists, marketers, and more to build and innovate on an unparalleled scale. With our data being available on Snowflake, we can make this a reality for a larger audience. Organizations may now use our consumer data to try it with ease, reducing time to market and increasing the robustness of their applications.

“We’re excited to announce our newest partnership, a seamless data integration with Snowflake that will transform how businesses access and use consumer data.” This integration allows researchers, marketers, scientists, and enterprises alike to easily include our comprehensive data into their workflows. It is our method of ensuring that teams get the resources they require to quickly test, innovate and grow.” 

– Jannis Mei, CEO at Manifold Data Mining

Why Data Share in Snowflake?

  • Streamlined Access: Snowflake’s marketplace allows for easy trial access to consumer demographics, wealth, and cluster segmentation data, avoiding the need for complex data retrieval, processing, and testing.
  • Scalability and Performance: Leverage the scalability of Snowflake to handle datasets with optimal performance, ensuring your operations run smoothly and efficiently.

Today’s data products are only the beginning. We will soon be integrating additional datasets into Snowflake to give enterprises the most comprehensive and relevant consumer data insights available.

How to Get Started

To dive into consumer data with Manifold Data Mining and Snowflake, head over to the Snowflake Marketplace. To learn more about Manifold Data Mining, visit our website and speak to our associates