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Canoes in Alberta Rocky Mountains Domestic Tourism 2020 COVID

Introducing Canadian Travel Patterns

Introducing our new data product: Canadian Travel Patterns. We have seen numerous tourism ads across Canada in the last few months. We know, both quantitatively and anecdotally that domestic tourism jumped exponentially in 2020, as travel bans kept Canadians at home and foreign tourists away from Canada. Some Canadian tourism regions estimate they had 50% more visitors in 2020 […]

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COVID Vaccine Hesitancy Score Pt 2

23% of Canadians, 27% of Americans, 34% of Israelis don’t want to get the COVID Vaccine. Who are these Canadians? And who aren’t these Canadians? Neighbourhoods that vaccinate sooner will be the first to return to travelling, shopping, and other leisure activities like gyms and fitness classes. Government and healthcare officials need to tailor their messages and identify areas that hesitate to vaccinate […]

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COVID Vaccine Hesitancy

Introducing our new data product: COVID Vaccine Hesitancy Score. We analyzed the main reasons people don’t get vaccinated, their defining characteristics, and key predictors: healthcare, demographics, consumer behaviour, and psychographics. Information on the uptake of the COVID-19 vaccine is currently limited, so this blog post uses reasons people don’t get the flu shot as a starting point. Profiles […]

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Umbrellas Insurance Healthcare

How Insurers can Gain a Competitive Edge by Leveraging Consumer Data

How has the insurance industry changed? Why is third party consumer data becoming more crucial for insurers to gain or keep their edge? Insurers are looking for top prospects, understanding their cost sensitivity, interest in preventative care, insurance switching patterns, and market size. With third party data, they are tailoring communications […]

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Blog RBC Being Human higher resolution

Being Human: The Journey to Capture and Codify Human Emotions

A while back, we invited Neil Balbirnie at RBC, to share his experiences at the Conference on Big Data and Information Analytics at the Fields Institute. Neil and RBC’s data scientists want to answer these questions: Who buys what? How are they buying it? Where did they buy it? When did they buy it? Why are they buying it? Will they buy again? […]

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Springer Contrast Pattern

Publication in Data Mining Journal

We use cutting-edge analytics and technology, and work with leading researchers in Big Data and Data Science. We published a paper in Advances in Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining with York University on using a recommendation system in a novel way. Recommendation systems have been used for job sites and Facebook’s recommended friends system, but have primarily been used in e-commerce and news. This paper looks at healthcare. […]

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Vividata Partnership

Vividata, Canada’s leader in consumer and cross media research, and Manifold Data Mining have partnered to deliver market insights within Manifold’s newly updated Polaris Intelligence platform.
Applying collaborative filtering and supervised deep learning techniques to Vividata’s Survey of the Canadian Consumer (SCC) and Consumer Cannabis Study, Manifold has extrapolated the survey to the 6-digit postal code level. […]

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Demo-768 x 381

Take Your Kids to Work Day

We had a few grade nine students in today, as part of Take Your Kids to Work Day. Here’s what they had to say about the experience:

“Polaris Intelligence is a subscription based website that provides data, market insight, and customizes data for clients. Polaris is a fast and easy website to use where you can easily access points of interest in different neighbourhoods and research what kinds of people live in different trade areas. […]

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