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CANNABIS USAGE DATA Consumer Cannabis Attitude and Usage Patterns

This data product describes consumers’ attitudes and usage patterns of Cannabis at the 6-digit postal code level.

The data product has 300+ variables and provides in-depth insight into medicinal and recreational cannabis consumers and their consumption habits. It also reveals users’ and nonusers’ attitudes about cannabis and its legalization, their opinions on preferred channels for cannabis education and distribution, market potential, and much more. For example, the following categories can help producers, marketers, policy makers, and health care providers understand who the current and potential users are, where they are, how they purchase and consume cannabis products, what their motivation and time of consumption are, as well as opinions on education, production, and advertising of Cannabis.

  1. Personal Usage
  2. Usage-Recency
  3. Usage-Frequency
  4. Medical Usage
  5. Method of Consumption
  6. How Obtained
  7. Quantity and Type (e.g. Flower/Bud vs. Edible vs. Topical vs. Vape) Purchased Past Month
  8. Price Per Gram/Unit
  9. Time of Consumption and With Whom
  10. Motivation to Consume
  11. Legalization and Consumption
  12. Motivation to Consume for Potential Users
  13. Non-User Opinion on Channels for Access
  14. Social Acceptability
  15. Effects of Cannabis Use
  16. Who Should Be Educating On Effects of Cannabis
  17. Public Education Channels
  18. Attitudinal Statements – Production and Advertising
  19. Attitudinal Statements – Legalization and Regulation
  20. Views on Consumption

Both the Cannabis Study and Vividata’s large Survey of the Canadian Consumer have been modelled and extrapolated to the 6-digit postal code level. Combining these two data sets you can explore a wide range of consumer and market insight on product and media usage, shopping behavior, lifestyle, and psychographics of Cannabis users, identify market potential, and select the best retail locations.

Health care providers can optimize resources to those who need cannabis products for medical uses and policy makers can develop education and communication programs targeted to the right audience.

CPG companies can identify the best markets to expand in or to do brand or informational marketing in.

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6-digit postal code, FSA, DA, CT, CSD, CD, and custom geography

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Vividata’s Vivintel Canadian Cannabis Study is a national survey stratified by province, age, and gender, and is weighted by Statistics Canada’s population of the age 19 and over. Combining Vividata’s Canadian Cannabis Study with our geo-demographic data, household spending data, and CanaCode lifestyle clusters, we built adaptive predictive models for each variable and transformed responses to the survey into a data product “Consumer Cannabis Attitude and Usage Patterns” at the 6-digit postal code level with 330+ variables. Stepwise dimension reduction/deep learning techniques were used to consolidate information into effective predictors.

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