An Overview of the Canadian Mortgage Market

Based on Census 2021, our adjustments for undercount and other items, we estimate that there will be around 15.8 million households in Canada for the year 2023. 10.8 million of these households are homeowners, and 6.5 million of these homeowners have mortgages on their homes. The average outstanding mortgage value […]

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How Has COVID-19 Affected Your Lifestyle?

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we work, socialise, and spend our money. We tapped into our 6-digit postal code level data to see how Canadians’ consumer behaviour and spending habits changed in the past few years. We highlight changes we see in Canadians’ grocery item consumption, travel, online shopping, and restaurant visits. […]

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6 Contributors to Extreme Canadian Housing Demand

The real estate market in Canada has been a hot topic the past few years! Prices are at an all time high, leaving Canadians wondering why this is happening. While it can be broken down as a basic supply and demand issue, the reasoning behind why demand is high and supply is limited is a complex issue. In this post we will explore 6 factors contributing to the housing […]

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Win Big with Sports Fans and Followers

Score big with sports fans and followers. Just like a last minute buzzer beater.

Ready to score big with consumers? With our new data product, Sports Fans and Followers, you can ensure that you never strike out! We created this product by data mining robust patterns from a Vividata survey on Sports and eSports. Use this data to find out how to best interact with fans and to select the best sponsorship and advertising opportunities! […]

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Postal Codes, Census Geographies and Their Linkages

Puzzle for linking postal codes to Census Geography

Postal Codes are designed for mail, granular, and widely used. They are not designed for collecting and publishing population statistics. Census Geographies are designed for governmental population statistics, but they are not widely known (who knows their DA or Census Tract?). How do we link them? […]

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